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  • The Box

    From: $25.90 / month

    We're glad you're ready to invest in yourself.  You're worth it.  You need gear that can keep up with your active lifestyle.  (Still need justifications on why you should invest yourself.  Click here.) Follow these easy steps: Select your Cut / Style (Click here for help choosing your Cut or go with the Editor's Choice) Select your…

  • The Gift Box

    From: $25.90 for 1 month

    The perfect gift for the man who has eveything.  Give one box or a multi-month subscription. Need more reasons?  Click here. Follow these easy steps: Select the cut / style (Click here for help choosing the cut or make it easy and choose Editor's Choice) Select the size (Click here for Size Chart) Select the subscription length…

  • Gift Card


    Not sure his waist size and preferred cut? No problem. Send a Gift Card and let him get started on his own.

  • The Box

    $27.95 / month

    Congratulations on unlocking our $9.95 Trial Offer We’re glad you’re ready to invest in yourself.  And you'll receive your first box at a savings of $18.  You need gear that can keep up with your active lifestyle.  Every month of your paid subscription, you will receive a great pair of either Boxer Briefs, Briefs, Jockstraps,…

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