Staying Strong on The Road

November 12, 2018 / Fitness
Staying Strong on The Road

This is the Gym?

Sometimes your job will have you on the road somewhere. What is the road warrior to do when he’s trying to be fitness warrior, too?  You brought your workout clothes, so you could slip in a 30 minute workout session. You open the door to your hotel’s “fitness room” and promptly turn around.

Plan Ahead

We know it can be difficult to follow your workout regimen when you’re on the road – even with the best intentions. Here are some ideas that can keep your gains in place.

  • Call ahead. Call the hotel directly and ask what kind of equipment is the fitness room. Ask about cost. If possible, have the staff send you a photo of the room.
  • Do a search. If you prefer to work out in a real gym, find one near where you’ll be staying. Call and ask about day passes.
  • Bring your own gym. You can pack a few resistance bands in your bag and have a decent workout.
  • Run. Working in a cardio workout can benefit a fitness program. Try an early run to get your blood flowing before your big meeting.
  • Plyo. You don’t need anything but yourself. Knock out some pushups, lunges, squats, and wall headstand pushups. Voila! Instant workout.

Put It Together

When you head to the gym or the track, you have a specific program that you follow. Monday may be an upper body day; Tuesday is yoga; and you get the idea. Consider what you will have available to you. Then create a program. If you work with a personal trainer, ask him/her for some ideas.

Regardless of what your on the road fitness program is, ensure that you focus on form and intensity.  Just like at the gym or on the track back home, you get out what you put in. Also, incorporate an appropriate amount of time for warming up. Jumping jacks and running in place are excellent ways to get your muscles ready for your workout. If you pushed yourself like you always do, you don’t want to skip your cool down and stretching.

I Forgot

You have your plan and then realize that you forgot your workout clothes. That can be enough to just say, fugetaboutit! Don’t! At the very least, remember your performance underwear from Underwear Nation. You can wear them during the day and comfortably while you workout. Either way, don’t let a clothing mishap keep you from achieving your goals.

Don’t Let Food Be Your Downfall

You may not have access to your kitchen, but being on the road doesn’t mean you change your eating habits either. Many hotels offer “continental breakfast” where you can make do with the right protein/fat/carb ratios. If you’re a picky eater, bring your own food like protein bars and powders, oat, and nuts. For lunch and dinner, stay with the lean protein and veggies that you would normally have at home.

Staying strong on the road is less difficult when you plan ahead. Plus, exercising on the road can help ease jet lag and help you sleep better. When you get back home, you’ll be able to pick up where you left off and continue your gains.

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