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18 Dec

You’ve been looking forward to this long weekend for a while.  You’ve been putting in the hours at work, and it’s finally time.  You want to be prepared for anything that may come up but you want to pack light.

What should you pack?

We’re going to help you with the essentials. As for the other things, it depends, of course, on where you’re going and what you plan on doing.   Our tips are useful whether you’re taking flight and taking a road trip.

It all starts with your bag

Every man should have a nice travel suitcase or bag.  Invest in quality bag; and it should last a lifetime.  But if the best you can do is a rugged duffel bag, that will do.  Whatever bag you’re working with, aim for one that measures 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (including handles and wheels).  If you’re flying, you’ll be able to take the bag as a carry-on, which means you can leave the airport quickly without having to wait for your suitcase in the baggage area.

Check the local weather

No one likes the rain when you were expecting on driving around the wine country in a convertible.  Take a few minutes to check a weather site for the local forecast.  You’ll be able to pack accordingly.  No sense carrying an umbrella or raincoat if there is no real need.  Keep in mind that your weather conditions may be different than your destination.

Start with the must-haves.

  1. Underwear. You can easily go through many pair on a three-day excursion.  After a busy day, you’ll want to change into something that’s a little fresher, so you can see how you may go through 6-7 pair on this trip.  You can cut back by taking the under gear we ship in our monthly boxes.  (Yes, this is a shameful plug.)  Our under gear can be hand washed when you shower; it’ll be dry and ready for you in the morning.
  2. Socks. You can follow the same rule as underwear.  Socks may be a little more difficult to wash and wear since many socks tend to be 100% cotton and will retain moisture longer.  Taking no-show socks and sock liners can cut down on the bulk. 
  3. Dopp bag. Toiletries are as important as underwear.  (We’re a little biased, as you can understand.)  You need deodorant, toothpaste &  toothbrush, floss, and mouthwash, contact lenses, comb/brush, razor and shaving products, 2-in-1 body wash & shampoo.  You could get these items in travel size products, so that you have enough room in your kit or if you’re travelling by plane.  If you keep your Dopp bag properly stocked, all you have to do is throw it in your duffel whenever the travel bug hits you.
  4. ID, money, and trip itinerary. You’ve packed, started driving, and then – you realize that you left the flight tickets on the dining table!  You could even put your papers and wallet in your Dopp bag, so you don’t’ overlook them as you pack your suitcase.

Be a multi-tasker

You can stroll around and take in all the sights.  Later, you can check out the nightlife and eat at a cool restaurant and drop by a bar or two before you go clubbing.  If you’re near a lake or beach, you might expect an impromptu dip.

Whatever you pack, try to make everything pull double-duty.  You will appreciate the flexibility while looking presentable.  You never know who you may bump into.

  1. An extra pair of pants. If you’re travelling in jeans, pack a pair of chinos and vice versa.  Don’t’ forget your belt.  You can always press your pants with the iron in your hotel room.  If you’re in a fix and the iron is missing; you can fold your pants in half and slide it between the mattress and box spring.
  2. A pair of shorts. Pack chino shorts. They’re lightweight, casual, and can be dressed up with the right shirt.
  3. A shirt. Pack a button down shirt that can be worn alone or over a t-shirt.
  4. T-Shirts. This versatile clothing can be worn alone or layered.  Because t-shirts can be rolled up into a compact shape, you can take several with you.  Mix up the colors and cuts (v-neck, crew, long sleeve).
  5. Shoes. Like your pants, wear a pair of sneakers while you travel.  And pack a pair of shoes that you can wear in the evening.  If you plan on hiking, you could take your boots and leave the shoes at home.
  6. Jacket or windbreaker (optional). If you’re the type that likes to look a little more formal, take a blazer or sport coat.  Otherwise, you can take a windbreaker.  In either case, you’ll be warm in the event the temperature drops in the evening.
  7. Swimwear (optional). Unless the place you’re visiting has a pool or some other water hole, you won’t need to worry about packing swimwear.  If you’re thinking you’ll be taking a dip or to get some sun, pack swimwear that can double as shorts.  Bring some flip-flops.  You can use them in the shower as well.
    You can pack your must-haves, clothes, and shoes in your duffel or suit case.  You should keep the dopp kit in your personal bag, so you can brush your teeth or use mouthwash during the trip.  Most airlines permit a personal bag that can be place under the seat.  It should be 18 inches x 14 inches x 8 inches.  This item could be smaller suitcase or a backpack.  In addition to the dopp kit, you should throw in your tablet or laptop, a pair of sunglasses, a pair of headphones, and chargers for your phone and tablet.  And you’re set.

Enjoy your long weekend.  You deserve it.  You may have noticed that there was no mention of squeezing in a workout.  You can if you want.  You’re going to be doing a lot of walking and moving around.  Sometime, you have to let your body and mind rest, so you can be at your best when you come back home.  Safe travels!

What do you pack when you travel? We want to hear from you. Comment below.

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11 Dec

Are Rest Days Really Necessary?

Do you want to keep progressing? Rest! Your body needs rest days between workouts, so that your muscle fibers can repair and replicate themselves. Every person may require different periods of rest since various considerations like intensity of the workouts, genetics, and even the stresses in life. Experts generally recommend one to two days a week of rest between workouts. If you feel like you’re not performing at your peak, though, you may want to look at whether you need to include additional physical and mental rest in schedule.

10 Dec

Mental Focus – It’s Necessary

If you participate in any type of sport, whether it be tennis, football, hockey, basketball or race car driving, it takes a significant amount of mental focus to excel. Not only must your body endure fatiguing practices, often lasting many hours each day, but your mind must also undertake a practice of focus, determination, motivation, and steadfastness. All of this can be quite taxing on aspiring athletes. So, how does the marathon runner stay focus on their 26.1 mile run? How does the pro basketball player tune out the roaring crowd when they are setting up a shot at the free-throw line? And how do you stay mentally fit while you’re improving the athleticism of your own body?

27 Nov

Take Care of Yourself

The weather is getting colder. The leaves have turned colors and are beginning to fall off trees.  These things can only mean one thing … We’re at the end of football season! It’s also time to start thinking about your skin. Men are more likely to suffer from dry and itchy skin due to cold weather than women are. Why is that? Because women are more aware of how to keep your skin healthy. Remember last year when you were outside in that cold, dry, windy weather? Did you put any cream on your body and hands? Of course not, that’s why your strong, chapped hands cracked and started bleeding.

It’s More Than Skin Deep

Your skin is an organ that performs many essential tasks for your body. Your skin protects your body from the more than 9 000 different pollutant molecules in viruses and bacteria. It also protects you from the winter sun’s rays – specifically ultraviolet light – that can damage cells. Healthy skin regulates your body temperature to keep levels constant and helps you react better to important changes around you by feeling pain or pressure. Strong skin will also make you less susceptible to minor nicks and scratches.

26 Nov

Are You Really Fit?

You step into a gym, and you’ll see the buzz. People pumping large amounts of weight. People running on treadmills. And you think to yourself, these people are a fit bunch. Are they really fit? More importantly are you really fit?

How Do You Know?

Being fit does not mean that you can run a marathon or can bench your body weight. Those accomplishments are components of the total fitness picture. Here are the five pieces that your fitness regimen include:

19 Nov

Reduce the Effects of Stress with Yoga

If you’ve been practicing yoga, you know that there are many physical benefits to being on the mat in your favorite class. Most people go to a yoga class initially because they want to improve something about their bodies: to become more flexible in their legs, to build a stronger core, to gain more endurance strength. These and many other intentions can become a realistic outcome of the physical practice. But what is on the other side of the physical results of yoga? We know that our bodies can feel better, but is there MORE to yoga? The answer is an astounding yes. As yoga continues to penetrate the mainstream, more and more people are delving into the experience and reaping its rewards like reducing stress.

15 Nov

Layering is Important

Down here in South Texas, people tend to break out the parkas and long johns when the outside temperature dips below 50°F. Why? Because nobody likes being cold. And the same holds true regardless of where you live. So whether you live in balmy San Antonio or the Arctic tundra, here are some tips on when to wear long johns and thermal underwear, so you can stay you warm and, hopefully, avoid muscle strains and catching colds.

What happens to your body as the temperature drops?

05 Nov

You started an active lifestyle for your own personal reasons. You may have gone down the path of trying to lose a few pounds or maybe you wanted to run your first marathon. Whatever your motivation, good for you! 
In your daily routine, you probably also noticed other benefits in your life.
1. Daily Calorie Burn
Depending on the physical activity of your choice, you can burn a few hundred to over a thousand calories in a session. Out of curiosity, I calculated that I burned 1,200+ calories in one of my half-marathon runs. When you consider that you have to burn 3,500 calories to lose one 


31 Oct

What Do You Know About Body Fat Percentages and Lean Muscle Mass

Many people are too concerned about “gaining weight” and “being fat” usually because of vanity and not for health or athletic reasons. Even the serious athlete knows that the off-season is a time for recovery and building for the next season and not worrying about an increase of body fat percentage.

The higher your percentage of fat above average levels, the higher your health risk for weight-related illness, like heart disease, high blood pressure, gallstones, type 2 diabetes, osteoarthritis, and certain cancers. Also, when you have a higher percentage of fat and conversely a smaller percentage of muscle, your body uses less energy (calories), which means less calories needed to maintain your weight. Muscle burns calories; fat doesn’t. That’s why it’s the easier to gain weight.

30 Oct

You woke up sniffling, sneezing, coughing, aching, stuffy head just like in those well-known cold and flu medicine commercials. Now what? Do I have the flu or the common cold? Besides knowing what you need to treat, knowing the difference could be the difference between a minor irritation and serious illness. While a cold can make you feel bad for a few days, the flu can make you feel awful for a few days to weeks. The flu could also lead to other health problems such as pneumonia.

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