9 Essentials for a Simple Home Gym

November 28, 2018 / Fitness
9 Essentials for a Simple Home Gym

A Home Gym Doesn’t Have to Break the Bank

We like to hit the gym whenever we can. The atmosphere in a vibrant gym can be motivating and encouraging. You have access to any piece of equipment you need. But what happens when you can’t make it there because of weather, traffic, limited time, or whatever? How about knocking out a quick workout in your home gym? Equipping your home gym doesn’t have to break the bank. We’re going to focus on inexpensive and space-saving gear that you can set up in no time.

Jump Rope

Look no further than the jump rope for an aerobic workout. Skip rope for a few minutes to warm up, or incorporate it into your workout where you need some cardio. Boxers make using a jump rope look simple. Don’t be fooled. Jumping rope may be simple but it’s not easy! There’s no need to get a  bulky treadmill or elliptical machine You can even pack it in your bag when you travel.

Expect to pay $15 – $25. Don’t skimp on this one, and it doesn’t matter if the rope is rubber or metal.

Stability Ball

You can use a stability (or Swiss) ball for a number of exercises either by itself. You can use this ball in lieu of a weight bench. Make sure the ball can handle your body weight plus the weight of the dumbbells or barbell. If you do use the ball as a weight bench, you may not be able to lift too large amount of a weight. You’ll find that your core will be more engaged to keep you steady during your lift. You could even use a ball as a chair at your desk or while you watch TV to work on your posture by engaging your core.

Depending on the size you need, you can spend between $20-$35.

Push up handles

You can do regular pushups, but push up handles will take some of the stress on your wrists. Like regular pushups, you can reposition these handles to work different parts of the chest. A benefit of using handles versus regular pushup is you can get a deeper drop to the floor.

There’s no need for expensive handles that you may have seen on TV. You can buy a pair of handles for about $10-$15.

Pull up bar

Pull ups are a great compound exercise that targets your upper back muscles and biceps. There a number of bars available that can fit in a doorframe or can be drilled into the wall studs for a more secure lift. Be aware that bars that fit in the doorframe may damage the frame and can sometimes be less safe especially for those that weigh over 200 lbs.

Stick to quality and expect to spend around $35-$45 for a doorframe bar and $55+ for a wall-mounted bar.

Resistance Bands

Maybe you don’t want to hear your landlord or your significant other complain about how you damaged your apartment or house, you can get a set of resistance bands. With bands, you can work your back similarly to pull ups and lat pulldowns. You can also use bands in place of dumbbells for many exercises.

You will spend about $40 for a set of varying resistance bands. Best of all, you won’t give anyone a reason to complain about any damages.

Yoga mat

A yoga mat makes it easier to do your core workouts.

Get one for around $20.

Other Items That You May Already


Most everyone has either an Apple or Android phone. You can find a number of free and low-cost workout programs on both the iTunes and Google Play stores.


Studies show that the right music can boost performance. Use your phone paired with either headphones or bluetooth speaker, or use your home stereo. Which every way you go, crank up the music and crank out your workout.

Smart TV and/or DVD Player

Sometimes, it’s easier to put on a workout video. Enough said.

Set It Up

There you have it; a home gym costs around $100-$150. It’s the holiday season, so maybe you can ask Santa to help you out. Then you buy whatever he forgot. Then put your gym anywhere: living room, bedroom, garage, wherever you can squeeze it in. You can even workout in your underwear if you have the right ones.

And now, you have no excuses about not being able to make it to the gym because you have your home gym available anytime you need it.

One other thing to note, we include items in our Men’s Monthly PRO Fit Subscription Box that you can build out your home gym.

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