You like to be at the top of your game – whether that means pushing through the last ten minutes of a grueling workout, staying late at work, or going to a late gathering with your friends.  And you want to have the right gear, so you can focus on the task at hand.

Generally, one area not many of us give much thought is to what we wear under our clothes.  That’s a mistake.  Why is that?  Because it’s just underwear, right?

Underwear is more than underwear when you think about it.

This gear is a lot more than a piece of fabric…

  • It supports your “boys” when moving around.
  • It reduces friction between your manly parts and your clothing.
  • It absorbs sweat and body fluids to reduce the risk of getting crotch rot, you know, jock itch.
  • It helps regulate your body temperature when the right fabrics are used.

You know the right gear lets you perform at your best, so click here to get your subscription box.

Are you still on this page?  Okay, here are more reasons to get a box now.

  1. Premium materials & construction = Quality & Comfort

You could buy underwear at the local department store, but that cotton brief is typically made of an inferior cotton – where the fiber is short and the thread is weak – didn’t you ever wonder why your drawers had so many holes?

  1. Enhanced performance

When you’re on your last set of your rope circuit or digging holes for the 10 rose bushes your honey asked for, you need extra protection for your thighs and crotch as you sweat and move around.  You need gear that does what it’s supposed to do and not distract you because you’re uncomfortable.

  1. Discovery

Modal, MicroModal, Pima cotton, Microfiber, Bamboo, Ring Spun Cotton…you get the picture.  There are a lot of fabrics out there.  We give you the opportunity to use an assortment of premium underwear to let you find out which ones work best for you on all the many things that you do.

  1. Invest in yourself – literally

Underwear is the one product that sits closest to your skin and protects your most valuable assets.  Depending on the cut, your shipped gear normally retails from $28 to $38.  You not only get it for less; we even throw in free shipping (USA customers only; outside USA customers pay a small shipping fee).

  1. The 52-Wear Rule

A pair worn once a week (and washed too!) will have a lifespan of roughly a year. Underwear wasn’t meant to last forever and become a family heirloom.
Let your underwear go into the beyond. After all, they did the unthinkable and did you proud. Now it’s time for a replacement to your team.

  1. Convenience

We take the work out of finding great gear that supports your active life.  You don’t have to worry about heading out to crowded malls or stores.  You save gas or bus fare.  And think about your time savings.   When you receive your box, slap those bad boys on.  You’re ready to take on the world…or least your day!

  1. Unique yet practical gift

Our boxes are perfect for the man who thinks he has everything.  What man doesn’t want to be at his best?  Click here to gift a box.

  1. Experience

We were the first men’s monthly box service to ship premium underwear.  Since 2011, we have shipped many, many boxes to the USA and around the world.

  1. Look great

Besides the practicality of our performance enhancing gear, you’ll look great in them as well. What more can you want?

  1. Support a great cause

We donate 1% of sales to the Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund, which provides scholarships to veterans and military family members, particularly children of our nation’s fallen and disabled soldiers.  Time and again, our soldiers and their families are asked to give of themselves for the rest of us. While they ask little in return, we owe them so much. Through education, we give back to those who gave. It’s the least we can do.

Click here to get your subscription box.

Still not ready, that’s okay.  Get with us and ask a question.